Why Exhibit?


“This is our second year exhibiting at the Property Buyer Expo, and we’ve definitely signed up again for next year. It’s been a really good opportunity for us at Adviseable, as advisors to network with other professionals. We work a lot with referral partners who are exhibiting here too and we find that the quality of the leads here is very good because we’re dealing with people who want to come because they want to invest in property… They approach you, because they want to know more about your service.”

-Kate Hill, Adviseable

“The show has been great… the people we are talking to are serious and educated… there’s a lot of established investors who are looking for alternative options. We’ve found some good quality leads and even in a short time, forged good relationships with people that we’ll follow up post show. Definitely keen for next year.”

-Simon Shanklin, City Yield

“This was an excellent event as it provided the opportunity to meet a wide audience of potential investors as well as other key industry contacts. Due to the strong calibre of clients in attendance, and professional organisation of the event, DHA readily signed up for the next expo. Can’t wait to see what the next one brings.”

– Mary McAvoy, DHA

” The expo has been fantastic because the investors that are here are savvy, they’re here because they know what they want… It’s been really successful for us, we’re really happy.”

Penelope Valentine, Co-Founder, Rent 360

The expo has so many different types of organisations exhibiting… I’m having a lot of deep conversations with other exhibitors as well who want to partner with us. Being part of the property expo is well worthwhile.

-Tim Morris, Managing Director, Renting Smart

“It has provided us with some new clients and a chance to meet a group of investors we don’t normally have a chance to access via online means of marketing.”

-Lindy Lear, General Manager, Rocket Property
It’s been great, some very very positive leads… very well worthwhile.

-Phil Grayson, Vystal Property Group
“We’re so happy with the results that we have already booked in for Melbourne. We’ve learnt a few things ourselves, and we feel we will do well at the Melbourne Expo as well.”

WAI Group

Visitor Breakdown


  • <18
  • 18-24
  • 25-39
  • 40-54
  • 55-65
  • 65+


  • <$69,000
  • $70,000 -$99,000
  • $100,000 - $199,999
  • $200,000 - $299,999
  • More than $300,000

What Investors Are Looking For

  • Residential Investment property
  • Land & House Package
  • Renovating Existing Property
  • Commercial Property
*Answers based on multiple choice question Sydney 2017
of 2017 buyers are looking for potential growth areas to invest in
of 2017 buyers intend to buy/ build within the next 12 months
of 2017 buyers want to learn how to renovate for profit
of buyers attended to hear expert speakers in 2017
of 2017 buyers currently own 1 - 2 properties
of 2017 buyers want to learn how to get more out of their existing properties