By Sellers Concierge/ Michael McKenney, Managing Director

According to the Roy Morgan Professions Survey 2015, Real Estate Agents rank as the third least trusted profession, only above car salesman and advertising people.

Michael McKenney, Director of Seller’s Concierge doesn’t think this is fair or reasonable.

In every profession there are good and bad operators.  Real estate is no different.  Unfortunately it is often the bad operators that make the headlines, and the ones that get talked about.  It is far more common to speak up when you have had a bad experience than it is to actually compliment someone on a job well done.  This is certainly true when it comes to real estate.

‘Granted, there are some suspect agents in the industry, but the majority of agents are hardworking, ethical and honest,’ Michael said. ‘I believe the perception of real estate agents does not stem from them personally, but from the “system”.  Michael shares the belief that the whole process of selling, buying or renting a property does not lend itself to openness, fairness or clarity.  More often than not it is the system that is at fault rather than the agent.

As most people only sell a property once or twice in their lifetime, their lack of experience and knowledge can make it seem like David v Goliath when trying to cope with the stress of selling their home.  The seller is David, and the real estate agent is Goliath – they have the experience and the knowledge, and in most cases the seller has almost no choice other than to trust them.  When everything doesn’t work out as simple and easy as hoped, when the offers for the property are not what was expected or what the agent told the seller to expect, the disappointment begins and the trust in the agent tends to evaporate.

The team at Sellers Concierge has dealt with over 7,000 real estate agencies, and over 200,000 property owners and they know from experience that the choice of real estate agent (not just the real estate agency, but the actual agent who will be selling the home) is absolutely crucial.  Sellers simply cannot afford to choose the wrong agent.

Agent selection is critical and it is also a key part of the service provided by Sellers Concierge.

Michael assures readers that with Sellers Concierge by their side, they will only ever see and deal with the absolute best agents.  The type of agents who will prove that the Roy Morgan Survey provides the wrong impression of their profession.



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