Unlock the best-kept market secrets

at the Property Buyer Expo

The Property Buyer Expo has quickly become the premier industry event of the year. It provides an educational platform for investors and home buyers to listen to leading industry speakers and exhibitors all under one roof. We hold three shows each year which run over 3 days, in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Over 12,000 people registered to attend our 2017 expos which saw incredible reviews and outstanding exhibitor feedback. This ensures that 2018 will be an exceptional success.

Utilising the most recognisable names within the property industry, the Property Buyer Expo offers free and paid seminars to investors wanting to gather information to make sound investment decisions. The exhibition is a must see for those wanting to either break into the property market, upgrade their home or build wealth through property investments.

Video from Sydney Property Buyer Expo – 2015

The Property Buyer Expo is passionate about education, and we want to continue to share knowledge with you outside our exhibition dates.   We run monthly webinars with our speakers and share content regularly on our Facebook Page, and on Property Buyer Expo TV. Follow us if you want to take your property journey to the next level.


The Property Buyer Expo offers an educational platform by bringing together Speakers and Exhibitors and offering free and paid conferences all under the one roof!


Bringing together the leaders in the property industry to share their knowledge and experience with prospective property investors.


Bringing together exhibitors from all areas of the property industry including mortgage brokers, buyers agents, property developers, quantity surveyors and more.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are a first time or experienced home buyer or property investor or you simply have a passion for property you will definitely take something way from the Property Buyer Expo.